Why Is Brown Rice Better?

Brown riceFiber -rich foods help prevent beriberi anemia.

His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej once said,

"Brown rice is good for our health. White rice has a beautiful grain but all the good components have already been taken away. They say poor people eat brown rice. I eat brown rice every day so I am poor indeed."

Brown rice is brownish and doesn’t look as appetizing as the polished white rice. This is due to how people in the old days ground the rice for their own households, called coarse rice or red rice. Nowadays, we have a process like rice milling so the name has been changed to “brown rice” instead.

Consuming brown rice, even in a small portion, gets us full quickly and for a long duration. It is also full of fiber and nutrition that are great for health. Daily consumption of brown rice would help prevent pins and needles as well as anemia.

The method to steam brown rice is also easy. You just have to know its characteristics.

  1. Before rinsing, you need to remove all of the foreign substances first. The rinsing should take place only once so the vitamins would not be washed away along with the water.
  2. The process of steaming brown rice requires more water than white rice. This is because brown rice has an outer tissue which hardly absorbs the water. Therefore, brown rice should be soaked in water for about 10 minutes before steaming. This way, it will help soften the cooked rice and produce a more pleasant fragrance.
  3. Brown rice should be consumed when its still warm, as the softness would still remain. Also, cooked brown rice should be eaten within a single meal since it spoils more easily than white rice in general.

Do you know?

Those who are not familiar with brown rice may find it unsmooth to eat. However, once they finally get used to it, they will realize that the longer time taken in chewing brown jasmine rice, the sweeter and tastier it becomes.

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